AI-Driven Customer Experience Management

Over 80% of retail executives believe AI will have a critical impact on the future of their businesses.

AI-Driven Omni-Channel Customer Experience Solution for Retail

Every time a consumer engages with your brand, they can tell you something new. Get a complete picture of who customers are and what they want so you can gear your business toward helping them achieve their goals through the power of AI.
Google has partnered with Pandera, to improve online and offline retail customer interactions by connecting and seamlessly personalizing, contextualizing, and delivering each interaction. Utilizing Google Cloud’s robust application suite, we provide an AI-Driven omni-channel customer experience that enables you to:
  • Gain a single view of each customer
  • Understand customer motivations
  • Humanize customer relationships
  • Offer informed experiences
  • Improve campaign management
  • Shorten and optimize sales cycles
Our end-to-end Customer Experience Management solution will enable your brand to make the connections that matter and provide a measurable positive impact for your bottom line.

Learn how to deliver a completely personalized, and optimized experience for your consumers powered by the Google Cloud Platform!


Top industry leaders agree, the future of your retail customer experience will be driven by Artificial Intelligence

*Forbes asked 300 executives what role AI will play in building the ultimate customer experience.


of the executives believe AI will help them get new customers.

How we can help: Develop a personalized, near real-time, contextual and omnichannel experience to customers on virtually all devices and in store.


of leading edge companies believe AI will improve loyalty

How we can help: Our solutions can help you capitalize on the right data to fine-tune and personalize offers and messages at every customer touchpoint.


say they will have AI programs in
full production within one year.

How we can help: Utilizing Google Cloud’s robust application suite, we provide an end to end AI-Driven customer experience management solution at scale.

We deliver an end-to-end AI solution framework powered by the Google Cloud Platform


Understand Your Customer

Connecting disparate datasets from online and offline behaviors creates a more holistic view of your customers than ever possible before.

Personify Your Brand

Whether chatbots, personalized offerings, or seamless voice interactions we create a customer journey that feels like a conversation – not a sales cycle.

Prescribe Intelligent Actions

By using Machine learning and other advanced data science techniques we proactively prescribe the correct actions based off of your unique decision making frameworks

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