Building a Data Pipeline with Google Cloud Platform

Join us for Part 1 of our 2 part “Byte to Beautiful” course where we will teach you how to architect and execute an analytic strategy that drives your entire organization forward. In Part 1, we will get hands-on and create a pipeline able to feed a modern information architecture. We will then show you how to leverage GCP best practices to navigate data storage options like storing data for persisting methods (commonly used for data on the fly) vs. real-time analytics. Creating this modern information architecture will enable us, in proceeding courses (Byte to Beautiful Pt2 & Beautiful to Smart) to align with analytic design patterns and machine learning models in the goal of enriching collaborative analytic tools for your workgroup and ultimately move us all closer to changing the way we work.

  • Learn how to pull data from on-premise API and databases
  • Learn how to pull data from cloud-based API and Databases
  • Learn how to prepare data by concatenating columns, filtering data, removing data, etc
  • Learn how to determine the appropriate refresh cadence for your business
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